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Chef Matt Carter


Throughout his career as one of the top local chefs, Scottsdale-native Chef Matthew Carter has been a driving force for elevating the Phoenix-area food scene. “Phoenix is one of the largest cities in the US but we’re not especially known for good food," he says. "I want to bring the cuisine I enjoy in other places here, to raise awareness and consciousness around what it means to eat great food."

To that end, Chef Carter crafts unique menus at each of his restaurants that individually and collectively showcase his passion for simple, locally-sourced ingredients, expertly prepared and artistically presented. 




Whether you’re in the mood to taste the rich traditions of French gastronomy at Zinc Bistro or enjoy modern twists on Italian cuisine at Fat Ox, Chef Matt Carter wants to take you on a culinary adventure. Discover the elevated flavors of Spain, Central Mexico and South America with the Modern Latin cuisine at The Mission. Truly on your way to explore the world? You can enjoy Chef Carter's cuisine at Zinc Brasserie at the Phoenix Sky-Harbor Airport. 


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